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Marcus J. Scheltinga

Marcus worked as a musician, composer and producer
in over 38 countries of the world with artists e.g.

Cyndi Lauper, Herbert Grönemeyer, Sascha, Helene Fischer
Klaus Doldinger, Frank Popp Ensemble
Michael Holm, Jennifer Rostock and many more…

His main instruments are
trombone, acoustic & electric guitar and the sitar.

(Photo: Patrick Essex)


BORGBORG is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Utilizing field recordings and experimental techniques, she explores the boundaries between sound and sex. Her current musical work is focused on a collaborative soundtrack for an interactive audio-visual radio play by morphing field recordings and vocals to fractals and polyrhythmic patterns.

On her journey as a DJ she encounters various styles of electronic music, especially bouncy techno, harsh industrial, deconstructed hypnotic vibes and noisy drone soundscapes. 

She is a member of About Repetition e.V., a group of artists dedicated to the research of repetition through artistic means, collaborating with a wide range of other collectives across Europe. 

Production & Recording Credits (excerpt)

Jimmy Somerville, Gloria Gaynor, Folami (Chic)
"Frank Kirchner And Zoomachine"
feat. Larry Carlton, Peter Erskine, Lew Soloff
(Jazz CD Produktion für den Grönemeyer Saxophonisten Frank Kirchner)

TV TOTAL mit Stefan Raab
Sportrock feat. Alexandra Popp & Annike Krahn (Produktion des inoffiziellen Hits „Fussballsommer“ zur Frauen Fussball-WM 2011 für Roofmusic Bochum)

ZDF Sounddesign

Hornsrecording for Corduroy (UK)
Mothers of Guru

and many more...

Horn Section

Wir haben übrigens die beste Hornsection Deutschlands genau HIER für euch…

Trumpet, Trombone, all kinds of Saxophones, Flutes, Horns & ethnic wind instruments!

Musiker & Freunde mit Credits von Mark Forster bis Herbert Grönemeyer, der WDR BigBand bis zu den Fantastischen 4, Gloria Gaynor bis Cyndi Lauper…

Mit internationalen Credits – Just ask!


Adam ANF 10

Dynacord PAA 460

Mackie 1402-VLZ3

UAD Apollo Twin

UAD-2 Satellite




Marcus & Tine...


Podcast, Internet TV/Radio, Hörspiele – you name it!


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